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Renan Ferreira

Dr. Renan Ferreira specializes in Bilingualism with a focus on cross-linguistic influence in second language acquisition. His PhD research explored conceptual transfer in the lexicalization of motion events in English as a foreign language by native speakers of Portuguese. At ARiEAL, Renan is a visiting postdoctoral researcher through the centre’s International Scholar Award Program. He is a member of Dr. Anna Moro’s MELD Biligualism Lab, where he is going to develop a study to test different methodological approaches to investigating conceptual transfer.

Expandable List

  • PhD in Linguistics – Acquisition, Variation and Teaching (2023) – Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil
  • M.A. in Linguistics (2018) – Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil.
  • B.A. in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (2010) – Federal University of Pelotas, Brazi
  • Cross-linguistic influence
  • EFL and ESL learning and teaching
  • Linguistic Relativity and Bilingual Cognition
  • Methods and Approaches in SLA research
  • FERREIRA, R. C., & MOZZILLO, I. (2021). Conceptual transfer: linguistic relativity in second language learning. Alfa: Revista de Linguística, 65, e12799.
  • FERREIRA, R. C., & MOZZILLO, I. (2020). A língua inglesa no Brasil como o mercado quer: necessária mas inalcansável [English language in Brazil as the market wants it: necessary, but unattainable]. Travessias Interativas, 22, 10, 138-150.
  • FERREIRA, R. C. (2020). Similaridades translinguísticas e transferência na aprendizagem de russo como L3: um estudo de caso [Crosslinguistic similarities and transfer in the learning of Russian as a L3: a case study]. In J. E. Silva; Arruda, L. S.; Alves, D. M. V.; Barros, I. C. (Ed.). Línguas e Culturas: Contatos, Conflitos, Nomadismos (pp. 199-217). Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Faculdade de Letras / UFRJ.
  • FERREIRA, R. C. (2023). Bilingual minds in motion: a look into conceptual transfer in the learning of English as a foreign language [lecture]. Educational Scientific Institute of Foreign Languages, Cherkasy National University, Ukraine (online event).
  • FERREIRA, R. C. (2023). Conceptual transfer in the lexicalization of motion events by L1-Portuguese/FL-ENglish bilinguals [Poster presentation]. Words in the World International Conference, Brock University, University of Alberta, University of Windsor (online event).
  • FERREIRA, R. C.; & MOZZILLO, I. (2021). Surveying Motion Lexicalisation Patterns in L1 Portuguese/FL English Bilinguals [Poster Presentation]. Workshop “Can motion event construal be taught or restructured? Evidence from bilinguals and L2 learners”, University of Reading (online event).